Book Review: Extreme Ownership

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win Authors: Jocko Willink & Leif Babin I am often skeptical of military writings and war stories. Without a doubt there are many lessons that can be carried to other sectors – the comparisons to civilian life... read more

Book Review: Love, Life, & Legacy

Love, Life, & Legacy Author: Akeem Haynes Akeem is a 100m sprinter who competes for Canada and trains at the World Athletics Center in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Prior to training as a professional, Akeem was a junior college standout at Barton County Community College... read more

Book Review: Squat Every Day

Squat Every Day Author: Matt Perryman This book came recommended from my mentor Stu McMillan via his blog It’s main premise is stress and adaptation – two main underpinnings to training and performance. I found Squat Every Day to be a... read more

Book Review: The Social Animal

The Social Animal Author: David Brooks This review comes 6 months after finishing The Social Animal. Had I known I would be starting a blog I would have written sooner upon completion. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the piece by David Brooks, columnist for The New... read more

Book Review: Last Dance

Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four Author: John Feinstein   I purchased this book on account that it chronicles the 2005 Final Four – an April weekend that included my beloved Michigan State Spartans. It took the excitement of the 2015 March... read more