Programming for Strength & Power

The development and progression of a strength training program from early season training into the competitive season is a common concern of many coaches I speak with. Additionally, many of the interns that come through ALTIS express difficulty in knowing where to... read more

Letter To My Younger Self

The process of self-reflection is vital to growth and understanding. Unfortunately, it is a task that is oftentimes forgotten or lost in the chaos of daily living. I was fortunate enough to be included in the PhD study of a colleague looking at the importance of... read more

Programming Debrief I

My aim for the first 3 cycles (9 weeks) of the season with my group in the weight room was to prepare them for increased loads and begin to load them with maximum strength work. I would typically periodize the weight room in a complex-parallel fashion for... read more


This article is a compilation of numerous email exchanges with Clare McSweeney, a therapist and coach in Ireland. I spent some time with Clare in Phoenix last year and we have kept in touch ever sense. She will be returning to Altis in February 2016 to attend our... read more

Working at Altis

A recent visitor to one of our practices posed to me the question, “What is your favorite part about working for Altis?” After roughly 20 seconds of silently staring into the blue Phoenix sky we both began to chuckle. He knew as much as I did how difficult of a... read more

Do You Believe In Luck?

A friend of mine unexpectedly posed this question to me today. I simply responded, “Yes” without giving much thought to the matter. His counter – “Why?” This required much more thought. We proceeded to have an excellent, albeit brief,... read more

Why Become A Coach?

I have recently finished reading Mastery by Robert Greene. The fist chapter is titled, Discover Your Calling: The Life’s Task. He then goes into strategies for finding your life’s task. This got me thinking, “How did I end up choosing to... read more

Why Write A Blog?

I have been tossing around the idea of writing a blog for nearly a year now. My hesitation has come from a fear that I had nothing unique to offer in terms of content. I was also nervous about setting myself up for criticism and ridicule.   Recently I concluded I... read more