Jason Hettler

Jason Hettler


I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a service-industry profession and with my desire to structure and strategize I initially thought that Personal Financial Advising was the path for me. I embarked on a degree in Finance and spent 3 years working in an accounting office. That was enough for me to realize that sport was where I needed to be.

Switching my degree to Exercise Science and completing an internship at Western Michigan University within their Olympic Strength & Conditioning Department solidified this pursuit.

I am now the Strength & Power Coach for ALTIS in Phoenix, AZ, USA. ALTIS is a professional training environment for Track & Field athletes and is home to some amazing coaches, athletes, and therapists. My role includes leading a group of sprinters, consulting with various Major League Baseball teams, creating education content, internship coordination, and media/marketing.

As a coach it is my aim to balance the scale of art and science in an effort to effectively assist those I work alongside.