Programming for Strength & Power

The development and progression of a strength training program from early season training into the competitive season is a common concern of many coaches I speak with. Additionally, many of the interns that come through ALTIS express difficulty in knowing where to... read more

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have been progressing through the MobilityWOD course, Movement & Mobility 101. Kelly Starrett is a great influencer in the performance world and he provides wonderful educational resources for practitioners from many different realms. He is an entertaining... read more

Auto-Regulation & Fatigue Management

This post originally appeared on Insider Training… When brainstorming a topic to write on I continuously asked myself, “What defines the role of a Strength & Power coach with elite track and field athletes?” I tossed around relevant buzzwords such as... read more

Athlete Classification

Our method of classifying athletes is rooted in individual movement solutions. To begin, we will determine whether an athlete is anterior chain (push) or posterior chain (pull) dominant. In addition to this, we also determine whether an athlete is single or double-leg... read more

A Stolen Path

Coaches typically come from one of two paths. They were either an athlete themselves at one point in time or never quite possessed the athletic abilities needed to compete at a high level but always had the passion. I most certainly fall into the latter category. So... read more

Anders Lindsjo Coaching the Snatch

Anders Lindsjo Coaching the Snatch – This video is of Anders Lindsjo, a Swedish Olympic Weightlifting Coach, teaching Snatch technique to American weightlifter Christmas Abott. I really like how the session begins with... read more

Applying the Creative Process to Athlete Intake

I do not consider myself a creative person, in the least. Unique and innovative ideas have never flowed easily through me. Working alongside individuals such as Dan Pfaff and Stuart McMillan has really brought this fact to the forefront. Therefore, I enjoy reading... read more

Clocks and Clouds

Karl Popper, a great philosopher of science of the 20th century, first iterated the contrast of clocks and clouds. The idea being that clocks are neat, orderly systems that can be defined and evaluated using reductive methodologies. You can take apart a clock, inspect... read more

Negotiated Training

This term was introduced to me by Matt Jordan from Canadian Sport Institute – Calgary as part of their Strength & Power Performance Course and was one of my major take-aways from the first day. It can be defined as a partnership between coach and athlete in... read more